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Top 5 tips for healthy teeth

Dr. Gabby Pagana

Dr. Gabby Pagana Fri Apr 30 2021

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Dog with dental health and brushing top 5s

Oral and dental health are vital for your bud's health & wellness.🌱A proactive approach can keep your pup thriving throughout their lifetime so here are some tips to⁠ keep your dog's teeth healthy: ⁠🐶⁠


The act of pulling bits of meat, gristle, and cartilage off the bone, along with the scraping of their teeth against the bone helps with cleaning plaque!⁠


Here are some great minerals to keep in mind:⁠

• ANTIOXODANTS are great anti-inflammatories - a proper balance between free radicals and antioxidants is crucial for healthy periodontal tissues. ⁠✅⁠

• ZINC is especially important for strong gums, and it can inhibit plaque. 🚫⁠

• Vitamins C, Omega 3 & Fatty acids (found in fish oils, for example) can also help manage periodontal inflam­mation.⁠ 🔥 ⁠

• CALCIUM: if your dogs don't get enough, they will absorb it from their own bones. This weakens the area where the teeth attach in the jaw. ⁠🦴⁠


While nutritional support is important, you also have to do a little maintenance.✔️ The best approach to plaque removal is with regular tooth brushing at home. 🏠 ⁠


If your pup gives you trouble when trying to brush their teeth, try using tooth wipes! These cloths are made to be rubbed against teeth to help remove plaque (but keep in mind they can't reach the tiny nooks like tooth brushes can!)⁠


Although this is more expensive than the other tips we’ve mentioned, a professional dental cleaning is the best way to ensure your dog’s dental hygiene is on track. 📈 Your vet is experienced in preventing, locating, and treating any issues that can go unnoticed.⁠

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Dr. Gabby Pagana

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Gabby's been working with healthybud since the starting days, and brings so much passion and expertise to the table! She’s an integrative veterinarian practicing in Los Angeles. Part of her arsenal for pet care includes acupuncture, herbals🌿, laser therapy and food therapy!🍌🍎🍠🥦 Dr. Gabby loves formulating diets, recommending foods and researching the best supplements, while assisting in behavioral and mental health disorders in pets. ⠀ Dr. Gabby takes a holistic approach to patient care ☯️ (credentials include DVM, MPH, CVA, CVFT with a master in public health. She is a certified veterinary acupuncturist & food therapist)

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